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Pizza Parlour was launched in 1996 and since then the Indian and vegetarian community has loved the taste of our pizza.

A perfect fusion of Italian pizza and pasta with a burst of flavours and ingredients from the humble Indian kitchen is what makes the Pizza Parlour pizza tasty and unique. We can give you a guarantee that you will not find the same pizza in any pizzeria in and around London. What makes our pizzas even more delicious is that everything on our menu is pure vegetarian; right down to the cheese we use to create the perfect pizza for our customers.

In the heart of Wembley on the famous Ealing road, many of our customers that visit us are in fact vegetarian. Not the western style of vegetarian where eggs and fish are classed as vegetarian, the lacto vegan sort. The Asian community call this pure vegetarian and many neighbouring businesses on Ealing Road, Wembley are pure vegetarian. Our customers travel from all across Greater London to eat in at Pizza Parlour and of course you can also order a takeaway. Many Asians in the Hindu community are pure vegetarian because of religious reasons or because the Indian culture primarily are vegetarian. From our experience the best vegetarian food is actually from Indian and Italian cuisines. That is why our fusion dishes are so mouth watering delicious.

As a family takeaway and eat-in restaurant we welcome you along with your friends and family to order our dishes that our customers enjoy so much. Using only the freshest ingredients that are prepared daily, we know that there is something on the menu for everyone so why not have a look at the menu and order a takeaway or book a table to dine in.

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"5 star Best place ever and wonderful vegetarian food and best hospitality from Pizza Parlour Wembley staff and New owner Nishmaal Parmar!!"
Ushma Morarji
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"We all love this place. So yummy! Can't go wrong with anything from the menu here. I wish they open a branch in Edgware. :)"
Sushma Varsani
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"Delicious pizzas, garlic bread and good service.. Will be going back for more.."
Chani Solanki
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"Its very good to go eat at Pizza Palour and you will love the pizza's"
Anil Chavda
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"The best vegetarian pizzaria in Uk!!!!!!!!!"
Ashvin Nagardas
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